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About Steady Horse

More than a system  it’s a philosophy.
Meet the creator of Steady Horse

Noah Tillman-Young

Noah T.Y. is a Business and Team Building Coach and founder of Steady Horse LLC, renowned for his expertise in horse training and his unique ability to translate lessons from interactions with horses into tangible strategies for personal growth, business success, and team development.

Over the past 20 years Noah has worked with and coached over 3500 horse human pairs, business partnerships and teams , Noah has an extensive background in the equestrian world. Having worked in and consulted in over 50 different horse-related industries, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the equine industry.

Noah’s approach, known as the Trust Building Formula™, provides a step-by-step method to help individuals build the confidence necessary to strengthen partnerships and foster meaningful professional relationships that truly help build strong and healthy teams. He combines his vast experience with a passion for teaching, allowing him to guide others through the learning process and ensure rapid progress and Understanding.

Residing on his ranch in Texas, Noah does private consulting, speaking engagements, conducts weekly broadcasts, serves on a number of boards and creates horse and team building related content to help empower people to have the most meaningful partnerships they can. When he’s not working or serving as podcast guest, he can be found spending time with his family, travelling and enjoying his horse Enoch

Wherever Noah goes he draws directly from his extensive expertise and personal experiences, utilizing lessons from horse interactions to inspire and empower those he comes in contact with to apply such principles to enhance their personal life, drive business growth, and foster effective teamwork.

Meet our coaches

Amy Harris

Growing up in South Florida, Amy was the horse-crazy kid who could not get enough of all things horse related. Even though she didn’t own one of her own, it didn’t stop her from jumping at the chance to ride at every opportunity.

At the age of 26, she finally got her first horse and has been making up for lost time ever since!

Over the past 35 years, Amy has trained and ridden with the Union County Mounted Patrol Search and Rescue Team, Worked the stockyards moving and sorting cattle, and ridden countless miles of trails in North and South Carolina, from the mountains to the sand-lands.

She continues to ride as often as possible and particularly enjoys hauling her horse to state parks and national forests, setting up camp, then hitting the trails for three or four days of taking in God’s magnificent creations.

In addition to the average camping adventure, she looks forward to the annual “Hunt for Big Foot Ride” organized trail ride held in the mountains of NC.

While she and her friends have never encountered this imagined yet legendary figure, it always makes for a great weekend of fellowship with other riders. (Be sure and Let her know if you ever happen to find him!)

And because it is her firm belief that we are to use our God-given talents and gifts to serve others, she enjoys being a part of benefit trail rides designed to raise money for a wide range of organizations as well as individuals in need.

Amy does 1-on-1 personal coaching as well as a weekly live video broadcast, “Barn Hour,” where she group coaches students from all over the world to mentor, encourage, and give specific advice on how to become better horsemen to their horses.


Hannah Catalino

Hannah Catalino is our Liberty trainer, and was born with an unshakable passion for horses.

Throughout her career she has focused solely on connecting with horses without the use of tack. Hannah believes that if you can connect with your horse at liberty, then everything else becomes seemingly effortless.

She’s competed and taught liberty horsemanship all around the world including in the United States, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.

Whether training horses that were considered ‘untrainable’ or becoming the first American to compete in many international competitions, Hannah has spent her life breaking barriers — with horses and with people.


Kaylianna Huber

Kaylianna Huber, with a lifelong passion for equine training, began her journey at just 10 years old. She started out training her own pony and donkey and now offers services to clients in various disciplines, competing at a very high level.

Kaylianna has earned significant recognition in the equestrian community for her methodical, skillful, and experienced approach to working with a variety of horses in various disciplines, regardless of their challenges or difficulties.

Highlights include an apprenticeship under a Hall of Fame Olympic medalist equestrian, direct mentorship from Noah T.Y.  and becoming a Profesional Certified Trainer and Clinician for “Steady Horse” – an international equine safety organization that promotes safe riding and horsemanship.

In both 2023 and 2024, Kaylianna won acclaim as the Wild to Mild Grand Champion Mustang trainer, where she took untouched wild horses and transformed them into trusting, reliable mounts that excelled in competition and were even featured in Kaylianna’s advanced Liberty performance before a live stadium audience.

Currently, Kaylianna trains client horses and manages the Steady Horse Horsemanship and Riding Program, driven by her commitment to lifelong learning and her deep connection with horses.

Our Philosophy

Steady Horse is about helping people to have the safest most fair and rewarding relationship with their horse. Working with horses does not have to result in inevitable injury and disappointment. There is a better way. Working with horses does not have to result in brute force, “whacking” a horse or “making” a horse respect you.

There is a much better way.

With simple understanding and consistent application of confidence building techniques, we can make our horses safer. With patience and fairness we can EARN our horses respect in a manner that does not break them down, demoralize them or physically injure them.

Steady Horse is about giving you affordable practical and functional tools that you can immediately put to use to obtain a safer, softer and steadier horse.

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