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About Steady Horse

More than a system  it’s a philosophy.

What Is Steady Horse?

Steady Horse is about Teaching People how to connect with their horse so they can communicate with crystal clear clarity. We help people connect in a meaningful way with their horse in easy to understand educational resources so people can have the tools and knowledge to be safe and ENJOY their rides, not feel frustrated, defeated or disappointed.

Our Philosophy

Steady Horse is about helping people to have the safest most fair and rewarding relationship with their horse. Working with horses does not have to result in inevitable injury and disappointment. There is a better way. Working with horses does not have to result in brute force, “whacking” a horse or “making” a horse respect you.

There is a much better way.

With simple understanding and consistent application of confidence building techniques, we can make our horses safer. With patience and fairness we can EARN our horses respect in a manner that does not break them down, demoralize them or physically injure them.

Steady Horse is about giving you affordable practical and functional tools that you can immediately put to use to obtain a safer, softer and steadier horse.

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