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About Steady Horse

More than a system  it’s a philosophy.
Meet the creator of Steady Horse

Noah Tillman-Young

Noah Tillman-Young learned to ride horses at the age of 7. As a young boy, he was trained to ride English at a prestigious riding school in Princeton New Jersey. It was at that same riding school that Noah took his first fall. At 7 years old he was bucked off of his lesson horse, a memory that Noah says has helped to shape his horsemanship to this day with a commitment to make sure that children that attend his riding academy are riding under the safest circumstances possible.

Noah has been working with horses and their owners for over 15 years. Noah himself has founded many equine businesses that have relied on having safe horses to ensure the safety of its patrons. Such businesses include riding schools, a horse obstacle Training facility, a commercial pony ride company and carriage companies. In all of his equine endeavors, his primary goal is to keep himself, his staff and his patrons safe and accident free while at the same time being fair and respectful to the horses.

Many horse people assume that injury and accidents are a commonplace part of equine sports and activities. Noah has always disagreed with that notion, believing that good horsemanship and proper education can drastically reduce the chance of horse related injury to being negligible.

He started his first horse business while putting himself through college. Noah had a mobile horse training company where he traveled to many large Texas ranches, starting colts and training horses. He also worked with riding schools to assist them in developing child safe horses for their riding programs and provided small private clinics to individuals that were curious to learn hands on about his gentle approach to working with horses.

Noah has personally started over 100 colts and trained well over 500 horses to be gentle and safe. Noah specializes in quieting horses. All horse owners want a quiet horse, so throughout the years Noah has had the opportunity  to work with every caliber of horse from the hot barrel horse to olympic level dressage and hunter jumper horses. Many of the horses under Noah’s charge have gone on to win prestigious awards and continue to take good care of their riders to this day.

Currently, Noah operates the Steady Horse Training Center at Grace Ranch, his facility in Floresville, Texas. At Steady Horse he hosts clinics workshops and private events as well as still teaching horsemanship to local residents diverse in both age and disciplines. Noah also does weekly broadcasts from the Steady Horse Training Center, where he instructs members of the Steady Horse Family in how to build meaningful and rewarding relationships with their horse, grounded in trust and fairness.

Our Philosophy

Steady Horse is about helping people to have the safest most fair and rewarding relationship with their horse. Working with horses does not have to result in inevitable injury and disappointment. There is a better way. Working with horses does not have to result in brute force, “whacking” a horse or “making” a horse respect you.

There is a much better way.

With simple understanding and consistent application of confidence building techniques, we can make our horses safer. With patience and fairness we can EARN our horses respect in a manner that does not break them down, demoralize them or physically injure them.

Steady Horse is about giving you affordable practical and functional tools that you can immediately put to use to obtain a safer, softer and steadier horse.

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