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About Steady Horse

More than a system  it’s a philosophy.
Meet the creator of Steady Horse

Noah Tillman-Young

Noah T.Y. loves God, his family, and people… horses too!

He’s married with 3 children and is also the pastor of a small country church in South Texas.

The founder of Steady Horse LLC — An educational, training, and betterment resource for equestrians of all levels — Noah is from a large, ranching family of ten kids. They raised beef and dairy cattle, and everyone had a job. Noah’s job was training the horses and working the cattle on horseback.

When Noah was a teenager, his mother had a horrific horseback riding accident that caused her to consider giving up riding altogether. She felt riding was “too dangerous” because she was “too old” and wasn’t confident in her balance, quickness, or strength anymore. She expressed to Noah that she had absolutely no desire to fight with a horse to get them to comply and be safe.

His mother’s experience challenged Noah to find a way for fearful riders to regain their confidence and rekindle the joy and excitement of riding by knowing how to be safe with their horse.

Noah dedicated his life to traveling, studying, learning, apprenticing, and discovering a new and safer way to work with horses.

Several years later, the Steady Horse Approach™ was born. It was a new way to work with horses that was clear, concise, and easy to follow. And it could be easily modified for different types of horses.

Noah’s Steady Horse Approach™ has helped thousands of people to quickly have safer and more meaningful relationships with their horses.

Noah has been teaching The Steady Horse Approach for the past 15 years and has personally started over 500 horses using this method.

Having worked in over 50 different horse-related industries, Noah knows how to quickly pinpoint the root of rider’s challenges so they can overcome them quickly.

Today, he lives on his ranch in Texas, where he records weekly broadcasts, films training videos, and hosts private clinics for people from around the country.

Our Philosophy

Steady Horse is about helping people to have the safest most fair and rewarding relationship with their horse. Working with horses does not have to result in inevitable injury and disappointment. There is a better way. Working with horses does not have to result in brute force, “whacking” a horse or “making” a horse respect you.

There is a much better way.

With simple understanding and consistent application of confidence building techniques, we can make our horses safer. With patience and fairness we can EARN our horses respect in a manner that does not break them down, demoralize them or physically injure them.

Steady Horse is about giving you affordable practical and functional tools that you can immediately put to use to obtain a safer, softer and steadier horse.

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