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Noah Tillman-Young, Founder of Steady Horse

What Is Steady Horse?

Steady Horse is about Teaching People how to connect with their horse so they can communicate with crystal clear clarity. We help people connect in a meaningful way with their horse in easy to understand educational resources so people can have the tools and knowledge to be safe and ENJOY their rides, not feel frustrated, defeated or disappointed.

Testimonials From Steady Horse Members:

Meet the Team

Noah Tillman-Young

Creator of the Steady Horse Training System

Steady Horse is about helping people to have the safest, fairest, and most rewarding relationship possible with their horse. 

With simple understanding and consistent application of confidence building techniques, we can make our horses safer. With patience and fairness, we can earn our horses respect in a manner that does not break them down, demoralize them, or physically injure them.

Working with your horse can be a safe, stress-free, fun experience!

Steady Horse is about giving you affordable practical and functional tools that you can immediately put to use to obtain a safer, softer and steadier horse.

Hannah Catalino

Liberty Horsemanship Trainer

Hannah Catalino was born with an unshakable passion for horses.

Throughout her career she has focused solely on connecting with horses without the use of tack. Hannah believes that if you can connect with your horse at liberty, then everything else becomes seemingly effortless.

She’s competed and taught liberty horsemanship all around the world including in the United States, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.

Whether training horses that were considered ‘untrainable’ or becoming the first American to compete in many international competitions, Hannah has spent her life breaking barriers — with horses and with people.


  • “I don’t know where I would be without his help. I was terrified of my horse after a pretty serious horse-related injury. I went from being terrified to tackling some of the most challenging obstacles with my horse. I love the feeling of riding with confidence.”

    Susan R.
    Susan R.
  • “Other trainers encourage me to use force to get my horse to fall in line. Noah uses softness and understanding and now my riding is better than it has ever been.”

    Carrey E.
    Carrey E.
  • Noah literally saved my horse Drifter's life. He was so unmanageable and dangerous that I thought I would have to sell him, and no one wanted him. But thanks to Noah I've been able to ride him safely again, and I can't tell you how wonderful that feels.

    Lee Anne G.
    Lee Anne G.

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