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Our Approach

The Steady Riding Approach focuses on naturally teaching you or your child balance and muscle memory – two most important building blocks of riding. We don’t teach by using the rigid traditional schooling patterns and by insisting your child memorize lengthy sequences. Instead, we teach them through, exercises, games and obstacles that help them to naturally develop their core strength and necessary muscles to eventually execute even some of the most difficult riding maneuvers with understanding, simplicity and ease.


The Instructor

Noah has been professionally training horses and instructing horseback riding for 15 years. His students range in skill from beginner riders to professional equestrians competent at the highest levels of national competition.




Safety is our number 1 concern. We don’t believe in leaving things up to chance and just hoping for the best. Instead, we use a step by step methodical system of skill and confidence building to advance your child in their abilities safely.

Character Building


Studies show that horseback riding makes kids smarter, confident and more emotionally intelligent, but we really don’t need a research study to tells us what we already intuitively know about the positive impact that horses have on children.

Our Horses


Our lesson horses are seasoned veteran horses. They have safely and reliably given hundreds of lessons to students  over the years.

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