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I want to build a relationship with my horse. How can I do this?

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Note: The following excerpt is the transcript from a question I answered from my Facebook Live made in the Steady Horse Facebook Group on 5/29/19. Watch the video or read the text below to learn the answer to the question.

A lot of people can be pretty rough and tough with horses. Not only is it not fair to our horses but, it takes a much longer time to teach a horse how to do anything. One of the things that I would recommend, first of all, especially if you’re new to training horses, is try to find somebody that can give you some local guidance. Try to find someone that kind of has the same types of approaches that we endorse here at Steady Horse. It’s all about your approach.

You can use any type of training, system, or method and you might be able to get results. But the truth is if you don’t have the right approach with your horses, you’re not going to get the best results. That’s what counts more than anything is the way you approach things with your horses. We’re all about creating an Unbreakable Bond and a relationship with our horses.

Because of that, we earn our horses respect. We don’t just force our horses respect by making them change directions and canter around us and do this and do that. We’re really earning it by being good, faithful leaders to them. That’s what horses look for.

So, make sure that you get some direction. Get someone that’s been at it and has some experience to help give you some guidance and are able to give you an extra set of eyes to look and see what’s going on.

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