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How do I teach a horse to stand for a bath?

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Note: The following excerpt is the transcript from a question I answered from my Facebook Live made in the Steady Horse Facebook Group on 8/7/19. Watch the video or read the text below to learn the answer to the question.

Start with having that horse untied holding the lead rope. Use a long hose and start by spraying the ground next to their feet. Gradually get them used to that. By spraying away and gradually bringing that hose and spray closer until I hit their feet and they dance, I’ll hold on to them, take a deep breath, try to relax them through my body language, until they stop wiggling and dancing around. 

The moment they do, I will quit spraying and let them know that it will be a good decision if they stand still. Once they accept the spray at their feet, I’ll gradually bring it up and work my way up my horse’s body and then work my way back down. 

The key, just like with everything else, is to be gradual and patient with your horse. Don’t just go in there and start spraying them down, especially if they’re tied and you know that they don’t do well. Unless you want your horse sitting back getting hurt and getting into a bind, work it nice and easy with your pony and it will do them a world of good.


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